After our night at the glacier we went to the next glacier, Fox Glacier, we didn’t walk it or anything but we had a quick look at it before heading off down the west coast.


This day contained a lot of driving, there is just not a lot on the road between Fox and Wanaka, ok we stopped at Haast for some lunch and Haast Pass is a nice drive but the weather was crap, it rained a lot, just like last time we were there. But as soon as you get over to the other side of the Alps the sun comes out. It’s amazing.

Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea are some of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen and I’ve even lived in the Lake District. Driving along the shore of either these lakes is so nice and when you get over the hill and see Lake Hawea on the other side with the mountains in the background it just takes your breath away, it works every time.


We stayed at a campsite by Clutha River, which apparently is NZ longest river and of course dad did some fishing. The woman in reception said that there was quite a lot of fish in the river but they were very hard to catch, but dad being dad caught one within 15 min.


Our first full day in Wanaka dad went fishing (of course) and the rest of us went to a vineyard, Rippon, I think we got to sample more than 6 different wines, at 10 in the morning, good start to the day :)

Then we had a look around town before heading back.

It was a nice chilled out day.


This is where we stayed


Lake Hawea


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