Elephant, coffee & rice

On our second to last day in Bali we went on a tour. We'd hired a driver who took us around.
First we stopped at Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave. Apparently it's an elephant head above the entrance to the cave, I didn't think it looked like an elephant but it was still nice :)
After the cave we went to a coffee plantage which was great! We got to see the gardens with coffee beans, cocoa beans, gingseng, sugar canes, avocados, passion fruit, tamarillos, pepper, tobacco and lots more and we also had a guy who told us everything about them, it was really interesting.
Then we got to try some coffees, teas and hot chocolate. Neither Andrew nor I like coffee but we actually liked 2-3 of them and bought the vanilla and the gingseng coffees and lemongrass tea and ginger tea.
Then it was time for lunch and we had lunch at a restaurant called Bar Swastika (!) and we had amazing views over Lake Batur and Mt Batur.
On our way back to the hotel we stopped and had a look at rice fields.
It was a really nice day and we were both really impressed with the coffee place.
Andrew in the borrowed sarong at Goa Gajah
Me at Goa Gajah
Luwak coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla
Lake Batur
Mt Batur
Rice terrace

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