Vi hade möte på jobbet häromdagen. Eller ja det skulle vara lite utbildning, typ. Jag och David gick iaf ner till våning 1 och tänkte kolla vad det handlade om. Vi hade båda tackat ja till mötet eftersom det skulle bli gratis mat, snacks och sånt. Det enda vi lärde oss va att nästa gång gå ner lite tidigare. Vi såg spår på att det hade funnits mackor på brickorna. Som tur va fanns det iaf en massa frukt kvar, jag tog en massa och lite godis kvar. Det var minimuffins, mini Milky Way or Smarties. Detta var alltså vad dom menade med "finger food". Hmm hlt ok tyckte jag, minimuffinsarna va skitgoda (jag åt 3).
This is what they serve at our meetings :)
The other day, we had a meeting at work, well actually it was supposed to be some kind of a learning thing. David and I went down to level 1 to check it out and the only thing we learned that next time we should go a bit earlier. We had both accepted the meeting invitation since there was gonna be free finger food and snacks. We saw traces of sandwiches but there were only crumbs left. However, there were lots of fruit left, which I ate and some sweets (or lollies as they call them here). We had mini cupcakes, mini Milky Ways and Smarties. This is what they mant with "finger food". I wasn't complaining, the mini cupcakes were so nice (I had 3).

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