Queenstown & Milford Sound

After Wanaka we went to Queenstown, it’s the adventure capital of the world but we didn’t actually do anything adventurous. We did some shopping and ate some really nice food.


After 2 days we moved on to Te Anau. We couldn’t do the Milford Sound cruise that day so instead we went fishing. Well, dad fished, Andrew and I watched and I took some pictures.


It takes about 2 hours to drive from Te Anau to Milford and we had booked the morning cruise so we had to get up really early. I’m glad we did book the early cruise cause the drive there was more stunning in the morning. The clouds were low and it looked like spirits were rising from the ground and the lakes, it was beautiful.


Andrew and I have done the cruise before but we did the afternoon cruise then and to be honest I don’t think it matters how many times you do the cruise I still don’t think you would be disappointed and lets be honest, there is no way you could get sick of the views. It is truly amazing. I know I say that a lot but it is. It’s hard to truly explain how wonderful and beautiful New Zealand is and with Milford Sound it’s hard to explain how big it is, how amazing it is.


I took a picture where you can see a tiny boat at the bottom corner of the picture but in the reality the boat is actually very big.




On the way to Milford Sound


Do you see the little white ship?



Postat av: Ulla Norstedt "Filuran"

Ojojoj!!! Du kör hårt med dina föräldrar du! :) Och oj vad mycket de får uppleva! Här är det snö nu, ett par minusgrader. Isen ligger på sjöarna. Äntligen vinter!!! Hoppas den håller i sig tills turisterna hinner hem igen! :D Kramisar

2012-01-27 @ 12:26:42
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