I Heart NZ

We’ve left New Zealand again and just as last time it’s been an amazing trip. I can’t tell you how much I love NZ. It’s hard to explain how absolutely amazing this country is, especially to someone who hasn’t been here.

New Zealand is quite a small country, it’s smaller than Sweden and has less people, but it has so much! There is so much to see and do here. As my parents said; every day it’s like we’re visiting a new country. They have the fiords, glaciers, rainforests, beautiful beaches, glowworm caves, some of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen, the Southern Alps, Rotorua with the Maori culture centers and geothermal parks, great cities, adventures like bungee jump, sky diving, whitewater rafting, caving, canyoning, paragliding, jet boating, skiing and so much more. There is something for everyone here.


NZ is really tourist friendly and the great thing is that they don’t charge you for everything and I love the fact that public toilets are every where, they are free and really nice. And even parking is free in a lot of places.

Everything is so clean and nice and you don’t see a lot of graffiti and crap everywhere like in a lot of other places.


The kiwis seem to be so proud of their country, as they should be and they have the country outlines on so many different things, you can buy bowls, t-shirts, clocks, jewellery and so many other things in the shape of New Zealand and it’s nice stuff, not tacky crap. I like it, you should be proud of your country and you should be allowed to show it. Unfortunately in Sweden and England (and probably lots of other countries) you can’t show too much pride cause people will call you a racist. Luckily you are allowed to show pride for another country so this is what I’m doing. NZ feels like a second home to us and we both love it a lot.



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