Twizel, Mt Cook & Lake Tekapo

Last time Andrew and I were in NZ we stopped in Twizel for less than an hour, it didn’t look like much and everything seemed to be closed so we quickly moved on to Mt Cook. This time we spent a bit more time in Twizel and we loved it. Fair enough last time we were there it was autumn and now it is summer so that could have made a difference but still.

The reason why we did stop here this time is because of the fishing, we thought we’d check it out.

However the weather was so good that dad didn’t do that much fishing, he did some and caught a few fish, but instead we just swam in the river and enjoyed the awesome weather. It was so nice!


The day after it was windy as hell and we went to Mt Cook. We couldn’t do the walks we wanted to cause of the weather but we did walk to Tasman Glacier Lake. To be honest it wasn’t as impressive as last time we saw it but still pretty cool.


Just as we were leaving it started to rain but when we got back to Twizel it was sunny. Dad and Andrew did some fishing in some river and mom and I chilled out.


We spent the night at Lake Tekapo, it was really cold and pissing down so this evening we had to play yatzy in the campervan, I still lost though.



Andrew and I swimming in the river


Mt Cook


Tasman Glacier Lake


Lake Tekapo and The Church of the Good Shepherd


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