Chang Cliff Resort

Then we stayed at Chang Cliff Resort

This place was in White Sand Beach so better location than Ramayana if you want more action. It's closer to bars, restaurants, shops and so on. It's more of a budget place but the rooms were very nice and as usual you got 2 bottles of water free each day.

The breakfast was a disappointment. We weren't expecting a giant buffet but we were expecting more than we got. You could make toast, have some cereal, there was juice, water, tea and coffee to drink. What disappointed me was the fruit. There was only watermelon! At every other hotel we've stayed you get pineapple, papaya, bananas, dragon fruit, other melon etc. Here is was only watermelon. The cooked part wasn't so good either, hardly anything to choose from and she wasn't very clever, the girl who did the eggs. She fried some eggs and put them on a plate, we have no idea how long they had been there, same with the omelettes, but Andrew just asked her to make a fresh one so it was still ok.


The place doesn't have a pool which is a shame, but we knew that so it was ok for us. Thhe view is stunning, if you have a room with sea view. If you don't (we didn't) they you could just walk 10 steps and you'll get to enjoy it :)

Ramayana Resort & Spa

Ok just a little review of the places we stayed at in Koh Chang:


First we stayed at Ramayana Resort & Spa

This place was situated near Klong Prao Beach, but it was a bit ”tricky” to actually get to the b ach. We did walk to the beach a couple of times, it didn't take long but as I said it was a bit tricky. You had to cross a little river. You could walk across if you wanted to, or you could take a little boat and we just paid them like 20 Bath, which is nothing really.

Otherwise you could go to The Dewa which is the sister hotel of Ramayana. Its situated right on the beach and there was a shuttle ”bus” every hour from our hotel. We got free sun chairs on the beach and towels and we even got a free drink every day by the beach and sometimes we even got a free fruit platter!


Ramayana had a quite large pool, a little kids pool and, believe it or not, a jacuzzi pool, which was really hot! We didn't use that one.

It had a spa and a gym. We used the gym a couple of times, but not the spa. You could also get massages by the pool and I did that a couple of times :)

They have activities every week, like napkin folding, squid hunting, Thai cooking and so on, some of the activities cost money and some are free.

There is a pool bar and another restaurant. Food is really nice.


The rooms are really nice. We actually got upgraded to a honeymoon room which was very nice :) but even if we hadn't the rooms are still really nice and as usual you get 2 bottles of free water per day.

We had a DVD player in the room plus 3 DVDs and there are more DVDs you can borrow.


There is also a shuttle ”bus” to White Sand Beach, which is where most of the action is.


The best thing about Ramayana is the staff, they are so incredible nice and helpful! As you know we lost our bags on our way to Bangkok but they helped us get them back and yeah they are just so nice, helpful and just happy! We really liked this place!

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