South Island

We also spent half a day in Hamilton and another in Auckland before jetting off down to the South Island.


We picked up our campervan as soon as we landed, had some breakfast and headed to the west coast via Arthur’s Pass. Arthur’s Pass was a great drive! A lot better than Lewis Pass which we used last time. We did a stop at Castle Hill where I think they have shot some scenes from Lord of the Rings and Narnia, either way it was very beautiful, but the whole drive was beautiful.

We did another stop along the way and lots a few Kea’s. They were not shy and got up really close to us.


We made it to Hokitika and went straight to Hokitika Gorge. It was amazing! The colour of the water was just amazing! I just wanted to jump in and hug it! I obviously didn’t, but I did go down and stepped into the water :) The pictures just don’t do it justice but you’ll still get the idea.


Our first night in the campervan was spent at a DOC site (camping more or less rough) at Hans Bay. Took forever to get there and it was very busy. I went for a little walk and noticed that a bit further along there were no people at all so we parked there instead.

We went to bed pretty early cause we were being eaten alive by sandflies! I think they are worse than mosquitoes cause they are smaller, you can’t hear them and not all of them bite, just the females and how do you know which ones are the evil bitches? You don’t until they have bitten you and it hurts!


Arthur's Pass


Dad fishing

Hokitika Gorge


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