I'm back

Since we are now on the road travelling now and will be for the next couple of months I think I’m gonna write only in English now. I mean I have a lot to write but not a lot of time since time is money when you have to pay for the internet and all our Swedish friends and family members understand English I thought it was a good idea :)


Sooo, as you know my mom and dad are here now and we have been very busy so here’s where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing:




We spent 2 nights in Rotorua and we did lots. The first night we went to some hot springs and just relaxed in the 40 degree water. It was soo nice! We also took a short walk to where the water actually bubbled up from the ground and apparently it was 98 degrees there and then it cooled down when it ran down the stream, it was pretty amazing to see.


The day after we went to Te Puia and checked out the geothermical valley, lots of bubbling mud pools, sulphur lakes and geysers. It was pretty awesome but sometimes it smelled really bad, of eggs and fart.


After Te Puia we went to Lake Tarawera where dad did some fishing and the rest of us just enjoyed the beautiful view and weather.


In the evening we went to Mitai for a Maori experience! The beginning was a bit slow, the guy was welcoming us in every language he knew and it was quite a few. When it finally started it was great. We walked through the rainforest and then a waka (a maori war canoe) came down the river. After that we went with them to their “village” and we got to meet the “chief”, he was great! Really funny and still very informative. We got to learn about the Maori culture, instruments, weapons and we got to see a display of the haka and poi two different maori dances. It was really really good!


After the show we got to eat hangi which is Maori food cooked in the ground. It was chicken, beef, lamb and lots of other foods and dessert!

The experience didn’t end there, after dinner we all got torches and we went out in the forest again and got to see glow worms and a beautiful spring.  It was a great night!


After Rotorua we drove towards Taupo and we stopped at Huka Falls and did some jet boating, it was dad’s idea and it was a good one. It was so much fun, we all felt like children :)



Hot water bubbling up

Te Puia

Us at Te Puia

Dad at Lake Tarawera



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